Brightness at certain times

I do not know if the category fits. If not, sorry!

I have a Raspi 3 with Conbee2 stick and use it to run two groups of lights with the IKEA motion sensor. When a movement is detected, the light should turn on. However, I would like to adjust the brightness at certain time windows. That between 7 and 0 o’clock the lamps are set to maximum brightness when a movement is detected, and at night, when you have to go to the bathroom, only so 15% brightness. In Phoscon there are only the settings “daytime” and “night”, which is unfortunately not at all suitable. Is there a workaround for this, possibly with other programs that I can put on the Rapsi?

This is a feature we are already working on. It will be possible to operate a daylight control in the future. There is no release date yet.
Otherwise, this can only be controlled via a higher-level home automation software such as Home Assistant.