Bosch Thermostat 2 is not regonized

Hi all,

I own two Bosch Thermostat 2 and want to pair them. I made sure they have the latest firmware (updated with the Bosch Gateway).

I can add them to my Zigbee network (set the installationcode via the api) but they are not regonized as Thermostats.
I’m using the latest phoscon app (2.26.1-beta) from github and checked the ddf file, it is available on the pi

Can anyone give me a hint on how to debug that or to fix it?
Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-23 um 17.42.31

Hello, we need the manufacture name and the model identifier to reconize the device before doing something.
You can find the value in the cluster 0x0000 “Basic”.

The pairing didnt go as it should. Can you share the API installation code call you did?

If it was paired correctly, we should’ve seen a + in the image.