Bosch Light/shutter control unit II

Hi all,

it would be great to have support for the light / shutter control hybrid device from Bosch.


This device is a bit special as it has a “split personality”: it can function as 2x switch (i.e. for controlling an on/off light) OR as a window covering device. For the latter it must be configured, which can be done using the Bosch Gateway & proprietary app but not through deconz (yet?)

The magic seems to be in the cluster #FCA0, where some attributes must be set accordingly. Unfortunately these cluster attributes are not available in deconz. A reference to these attributes can be found in a discussion for ZHA here

BTW I was able to pair this device through the “pair with install code” method in the REST API.
I created a GitHub issue here: Bosch Light/shutter control unit II · Issue #7661 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub