Blitzwolf BW-SP13 data selction possible?

Hi all,

I have bought me a power plug - Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 and connected with my phoncon II stick (running on PI (raspberrian)). Furthermore I use homebridge and the homebridge-hue plug in to have the devices in Homekit.

Work fine, incl. power consumtion (Watt). That perfect.

But with startig to add the Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 my homebridge log is full of “unnecessary” details. The plug sent voltages change (220 to 221) and A changes (from 0.013 to 0) every second. That values (V and A) dont intresting me.

I learned from the homebridge forum there is no chance to selected it at the level of Homebridge. The plugin grap all values are reported from phoscon / conbee II.

I have to change it in the Rest-API?

Is there any change that somebody can go step by step what I have to do? I never see that Rest-API… What is it and how I can select / deselect values?

P.s.: rasperrian is running als headless system. I connect from a windows PC via Putty to the PI.

Hope there is help available here.

best regards