Blinds/Cover Group

Problem Statement: Commands to open/close Ikea FYRTUR blinds are sent to each blind individually, causing some blinds to not open at random with the first time the command is sent.

Potential Solution: Send the command to a ZigBee Group so that one message is sent.

Where I can use some help:

  1. Is there any way to create a Blinds or Cover ZigBee Group? Right now I have a few Ikea blinds that are part of a dedicated Phoscon lights group. Unfortunately, Home Assistant doesn’t see them as a blinds group, and doesn’t provide the interface to open/close.
  2. Is there any practical way to troubleshoot why 1 or 2 blinds (out of 5) at random are not getting the command the first time it’s sent?

Does anyone have any suggestions with this scenario? Thanks in advance!

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Upvote. Only learning this is a thing for the lights… so blinds doing the same would be a save. The ZigBee network gets very busy when operating a few of the ikea blinds.
I’m hoping this would reduce congestion