Bindings / Binding Table

Is there a way to show all bindings of a device? Sometimes I have to reset a device and deCONZ does not automatically re-apply the binding, so it would be good to know what I did before.

There is this button “Read binding table” but nothing happens when I press it


Is here just the UI missing to show the bindings? If yes, can you just print them to the console / logs?

Bonus: bindings via REST API would be really nice (zigbee2mqtt has this)

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Same here, nothing happens when requesting “Read binding table Ctrl+B”.

Might be helpful to get a list of device’s bindings, after some years most probably nobody does remember what has been bound …

Perhaps it just make the request, and after need to look at logs to see return, it’s like that that work the tuya request.

Found something chosing “Edit DDF” … there’s a binding tab, listing bindings for the specific device, but w/o telling the source resp. destination …

My Tradfri:

My Styrbar:
Screenshot 2024-01-10 102536

From my understanding the bindings in the DDF are the bindings that are done by deCONZ when the device joins the network

Hmm, ok, but the bindings we do manually are also done by deConz, right?

In my screenshots you can see bindings “On/Off” & “Level Control”, basically what I initiated yesterday between 2 devices after your support to understand that binding topic.

Both are made by deconz , automatic and manual, try with logs and “ZGP” and “Read binding table”

17:38:46:058 found binding 0x0000, 0x01 -> 0xFFF0
17:38:46:059 found binding 0x0006, 0x01 -> 0x00212EFFFF027E9D : 0x01
17:38:46:061 found binding 0x0008, 0x01 -> 0x00212EFFFF027E9D : 0x01

Debug Window stays empty. Selected ZGP and then Read Node Info on my STYRBAR. When I select ZDP I see messages like

08:24:35:832 ZDP 0x001788010BD7CFE9 cluster: 0x8033 status = 0x00 -> SUCCESS
08:24:35:833 found binding 0x0001, 0x01 -> 0x00212EFFFF04FE3D : 0x01
08:24:35:834 found binding 0xFC00, 0x01 -> 0x00212EFFFF04FE3D : 0x01
08:24:35:835 found binding 0x0008, 0x01 -> 0x0022
08:24:35:836 found binding 0x0006, 0x01 -> 0x0022

but 0x001788010BD7CFE9 is not the STYRBAR (its the Hue Dimmer switch I did not touch) and 0x00212EFFFF04FE3D is not the light its bound to (its the Conbee III).