BETA UPDATE [2.13.3] Changelog

Changelog on [BETA] release with version 2.13.3
This beta release v2.13.3-beta is the successor of v2.13.2-beta version.

Device Description Files (DDF)

  • Enforce skipping legacy code while in strict mode for numerous clusters #5465
  • Support group bindings and group allocation #5562
  • New DDF functions, fixes and optimizations #5503
  • Fix to use on/off cluster for innr SP120 state/on #5491
  • Fix loading light group membership and events #5558
  • Enable Gold status DDF files by default #5565
  • Add some further missing DDF resource items #5521
  • Add generic JSON for Range Extender #5430
  • Add generic JSON for window covering device #55524
  • Add DDF for Immax Neo 07048L smart plug #5475
  • Add DDF for Aqara TVOC #5559
  • Add DDF for Phoscon Kobold #5566


  • Fix re-enable auto for some Tuya TRV #5471
  • Fix re-enable offset for some Tuya TRV #5501
  • Fix update sensor config/group via REST-API #5525
  • Fix alarm system GET response to include armmask without ‘A’ #5543
  • Fix Ikea switches to work with new and old firmware #5538
  • Fix deCONZ initial setup doesn’t show coordinator node
  • Support for IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier in deCONZ GUI deCONZ GUI #5487
  • Support Tuya TRV Hihome_TZE200_zuhszj9s #5497
  • Steer Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 via analog output cluster #5511
  • Add Tuya TRV MoesGo Smart Thermostat BRT-100 _TZE200_b6wax7g0 #5500
  • Add Power On State Change For Tuya TS011F #5480
  • Add and update multiple Xiaomi switches #5460

A special thanks to all contributors of the deCONZ GitHub community.