[Beginner] Heiman smoke detector - start alarm/siren with a command?

Ok it seem spaces are problem on windows

curl -X PUT http://MY-IP:8090/api/MY-API/lights/27/state -d '{"alert":"lselect","ontime":10}'

syntax seems to be ok now, but what about the invalid JSON?

[{"error":{"address":"/lights/27/state","description":"body contains invalid JSON","type":2}}]

So now it’s a deconz error message ^^, it’s better
Try with removing the "ontime":10 I have see on an issue, but I m not sure if it’s needed.

the same error occurs without ontime:

C:\Users\wosch>curl -X PUT http://MY-IP:8090/api/MY-API/lights/27/state -d '{"alert":"lselect"}'
[{"error":{"address":"/lights/27/state","description":"body contains invalid JSON","type":2}}]

You are usng Cmd.exe or powershell ?
I think it’s a character escape issue, and I don’t found sample on google with command line that use ’ instead of " for windows…

curl -X PUT http://MY-IP:8090/api/MY-API/lights/27/state -d "{\"alert\":\"lselect\",\"ontime\":10}"

Tested on my side

C:\Users\Smanar>curl -X PUT -d "{\"on\":true}"
[{"error":{"address":"/lights/1/state","description":"parameter, on, not available","type":6}},{"error":{"address":"/lights/1/state","description":"missing parameter to set light state","type":5}}]

I tried with cmd.
Beside of curl, is there any other option to fire the siren?

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