Bad Connections

Hi there,

I am running a Conbee II on a raspberry pi with deconz gui.

When I restart the RPI all battery powered devices get connected to the nearest ac powered device.
After a while I recognize some lags in motion detectors and /or switches.
After having a look into the gui I discovery some bad connections, which I don’t know why.
See screenshot.
The “Licht Schuppen” is outside in a shed, so probably the worst connection possible.
I tried to organize it so it is a bit according to distances in real life

How can I get the two marked devices to connect to a closer ac powered device?

THX Martin

P.S. My lights are still connected to Alexa since I am not able to connect the Conbee with Alexa (maybe a Fritzbox issue)

Hey @MBM1982.

first of all: make sure youre software is up 2 date. The latest deCONZ is 2.12.06, the latest Firmware for the ConBee II is 26720700.

You can try source routing over deCONZ:

Click there on “Enable Souce Routing”

Please note that this will take a while.
Let me know how it goes.


so I tried a couple of things (after the holidays), but I think Source Routing is only for powered devices.
Since I installed 40 further lamps, a lot of new connections established. So no problem anymore with one bad connection :sweat_smile: