Aubess 20A TS011F _TZ3000_hdopuwv6 Smart Plug

Another generic (tuya) smart plug, but 20A and comes in a Aubess box.

In Phoscon currently only “light” is exposed, no “simple metering” or “electrical measurement” sensors are exposed, hence this request.

Only WiFi variant is available on sellers website: AUBESS Tuya WIFI Smart Socket 16A Work with Alexa Google Home Yandex
Purchased on AliExpress: /item/1005004753581287.html

Github: Aubess 20A TS011F _TZ3000_hdopuwv6 · Issue #6499 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

I tried loading a DDF from my other TS011F devices, but it did not stick (was unloaded somehow after save and hot reload), nor exposes the relevant sensors. Assistance is much appreciated since I bought 5.

[edit] DeCONZ 2.19.1 and Conbee II firmware 26780700.

Same here, only On/Off function available.
Would like to know how to get metering into HA.
Conbee II, Phoscon 2.18.02 / 19-9-2022, 26780700

The DDF posted by Samar in the Github thread above seems to work. Still checking whether the measurement values are reported to HA correctly.