Aquara Cube T1 Pro - How to pair with Phoscon?

Hi there,
I got a Aquara Cube T1 Pro and try to pair it with phoscan (as switch and as sensor) but got no luck. I run the Phoscan-app on a Raspi in docker with USB Conbee II:

When I try to pair the cube I have no success. This is what my logfile says, when I try to pair:

3:36:07:427 ZCL attribute report 0x54EF44100062D271 for cluster: 0x0000, ep: 0x01, frame control: 0x18, mfcode: 0x0000

13:36:07:427 0x54EF44100062D271 skip Xiaomi attribute 0x0000

13:36:07:517 0x54EF44100062D271 extract Xiaomi special attribute 0x00F7

13:36:07:517 01 battery 3086 (0x0C0E)

13:36:07:517 03 Device temperature 25 °C

13:36:07:517 04 unknown 424 (0x01A8)

13:36:07:517 05 RSSI dB (?) 209 (0x00D1)

13:36:07:517 06 LQI (?) 8589934592 (0x0200000000)

13:36:07:517 08 unknown 281 (0x0119)

13:36:07:517 0a Parent NWK 20619 (0x508B)

13:36:07:517 0c unknown 1 (0x01)

13:36:07:517 66 unknown 3 (0x03)

13:36:07:517 67 unsupported tag (data type 0x20)

13:36:07:517 68 unsupported tag (data type 0x21)

13:36:07:517 97 unknown 0 (0x0000)

13:36:07:517 98 unknown 1 (0x0001)

13:36:07:517 99 unknown 0 (0x0000)

13:36:07:517 9a unknown 4 (0x0004)

13:36:07:517 9B unsupported tag (data type 0x20)

13:36:07:517 FP indication 0x0104 / 0xFCC0 (0x54EF44100062D271 / 0x199C)

13:36:07:517 … (0x54EF44100062D271 / 0x199C)

Are there any suggestions how to pair the cube?


Is it supported already?

Hi Mimiix, I have no idea…

How does it show in deCONZ? did you also check git?

In deconz I think this is my cube:

“25”: {
“etag”: “7efe58d4c0743c7f2c697d8f8030ddf3”,
“hascolor”: false,
“lastannounced”: “2022-11-30T13:46:15Z”,
“lastseen”: “2022-11-30T14:05Z”,
“manufacturername”: “LUMI”,
“modelid”: “lumi.remote.cagl02”,
“name”: “On/Off light switch 25”,
“state”: {
“alert”: “none”,
“on”: false,
“reachable”: true
“swversion”: null,
“type”: “On/Off light switch”,
“uniqueid”: “54:ef:44:XX:XX:62:d2:71-01”

Thats the API. Not deCONZ

I’m sorry. I have no idea how to get to deCONZ - i got Phoscon and the API, but how to reach deCONZ ?

You need to enable VNC in docker. Check docker documentation for that.

Yes, i got it:

This should be the cube (I think so)

I think there’s no support for it yet and it just has the automatic DDF.

Please check github for this device and the progress.

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An issue is already opened regarding this device #5732