Aqara WSDCGQ11LM - Unable to Pair

Hello everyone!

I am currently having the issue that I’m trying to connect two of the Aqara WSDCGQ11LM Temperature and Humidity Sensor. According to the Log-Files, the connection request by the sensor is being detected by the Conbee III but unfortunately not paired in Phoscon.

My current setup uses a RPI 4, with the Conbee III module which is connected to an extension cord to mitigate interferences by the USB3-Port. My Conbee uses the latest firmware and also my RPI is up to date.
Gateway Version: 2.24.3
Firmware: 264F0900

Please see the corresponding Log-File export.

What I tried was to perform multiple pairing requests, disconnect the battery from the sensor and try to reconnect after some time, push the button frequently (approximately every 1-3 seconds) after the reset request was carried out by the sensor and nothing worked so far.

Phoscon just don’t want to add the sensor the the used devices and it drives me nuts that the pairing request ist accepted and succeeded but not performed by Phoscon. I would be happy for any advice!

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I would be happy if anyone could help me out what to do to get them running. I am currently not able to get them into Phoscon even though the compatibility matrix states that these can be connected with the Conbee.

I’m seeing a similar issue. The sensor did get paired (3 blinks after long press) and when I moved the conbee3 stick to my windows system and run the deCONZ 2.25.1 windows app, then i can see the connection between coordinator and sensor but the software does not seem to know what manufacturer or model type it is.
Running on rPi3 and gateway / api version : 2.25.1 latest firmware. Is there an issue with the database to known devices?
the same sensors were doing fine at my other site using conbee II

Same for me. I can see in the logs that the sensor was discovered, but it does not appear in the list of devices.


conbee III
Gateway Version: 2.25.2
Aqara Temp and Humidity Sensors WSDCGQ11LM
Raspberry Pi 5

I tried 3 of the sensors, same behaviour for all.

Seems to be a common and often reported issue, primarily related to conbee III. I’m disappointed seeing myself wasting hours and days to get such simple things up and running.

I’d recommend to update to the latest ConbeeIII firmware Firmware Changelog · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub and do not forget to make a backup via Phoscon first.

The latest firmware release addresses quite some device join issues and gained lots of positive feedback so far.

Thx for the hint. The Update solved the issue :+1: