Aqara vibration sensor sensitivitymax


I’m using the Aqara vibration sensor (DJT11LM) on my windows to detect possible glass breaking. The sensors will then trigger my alarmsystem. To connect my Zigbee devices, I use the Raspbee II with the newest firmware/version.

After I discovered that the sensors generate false/positives especially at windy days, I changed the sensitivity via the REST-API using curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X PUT -d '{"sensitivity": 15}' http://myIP/api/myAPIKey/sensors/5/config.

This works fine for every sensor and I always get a “success” back. However, when I check the config of the sensors using curl -X GET http://myIP/api/myAPIKey/sensors/5
I get the following configurations back:

"lastseen":"2023-08 25T19:05Z",
"name":"Terassentür Vibrationssensor",

What’s making me curious is that the sensitivitymax is set to 2 which conflicts with many documentations that can be found for the Aqara vibration sensor which say that the sensitivity ranges from 1-21. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with my sensitivitymax or how I can reset it to be 21 as it should be? I read many articles about this issue but non seems to have a real solution.

Thank you guys in advance!
Greetings, Berger

Looking in the GIT logs it seems this happend in PR #6919 perhaps a copy paste error, the sensitivitymax value was indeed 21 before.

Update, this is on purpose, as the PR states the value is normalized to 0…2, so 2 means 21 here

“Normalise config/sensitivity from 0 (low) to 2 (high), with matching config/sensitivitymax;”

Small hint the docs also show the allowed values :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! This is what I thought as well. Thanks for helping me out :slight_smile: