Aqara Vibration Sensor - looses sensitivity setting


I use a Conbee II Stick attached to a raspberry pi 4 running home bridge and phoscon (2.25.1).

I have multiple sensor from Aqara and Sonoff.

My Aqara Vibration Sensor is the only troubling device.

It doesn’t keep the “sensitivity” setting I PUT via API. When checking API the setting is changed (from 2 to 1), but after some time it resets to 2.

I also tried pushing the button on the sensor before, while and after using PUT via API.

Interestingly I also changed the value for “duration” from 65 to 30. This value sticks and the EVE-App now also always reports a duration of 30 seconds when the sensor is triggered.

What’s wrong with the sensitivity value not sticking?

Any ideas?

THX and BR