Aqara Vibration sensor, change sensitivity?


I’m using deCONZ + Homebridge with a Conbee II. My Aqara Vibration sensor is on my mailbox, but the wind trigger a lot of time the mailbox. I searched on google how to change the sensitvity but only found for Homeassistant.

Can you help me ?
Thank you !

Hello try using curl direclty on the API. Something like

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X PUT -d '{"sensitivity": 1}'

1 is the more sensible 21 the less.
The device is a slepper, so don’t work immediately.

Hello Smanar, for the API, is it this in homebridge ?

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How can I found the sensors number in Homebridge ? Is it iid ?

Try with phocon beta in help / API information.

Just got the heads-up that this might be a bug in the core.

Thank you !

Yes possibly, I ran this sensor for months without problem but I started seeing strange behaviors a few weeks ago.

Any news ? I’m still spammed by notifications

@manup can you check this?

I’ll make some tests with my Aqara vibration sensor

This was how I solved this issue (I too have a sensor on my mailbox and for the last couple months the wind has made it unbearable; no issue prior to that).

I changed the sensitivity to a 9 from a 1 and so far so good:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X PUT -d '{"sensitivity": 9}'[APIKEY]/sensors/17/config