Aqara Vibration - no update

After update to new firmware of Conbee II to _0x26720700
Xiaomi/Aqara vibration sensor does no longer update it’s status in deConz Software and no information sent to Homeassistant.
No change in behaviour after resetting and/or re-boot and even reconnect to the system. Sensor shows me always “vibration detected”, although no vibration is there. In the log file of deconz, I could see, that the sensor did update its values, so it looks not properly sent to Home Asssiant.

before the update everything went well. Any ideas?

The firmware should be fine, are you running deCONZ v2.13.4?
My Aqara vibration sensor is currently not powered but I can make a test.

yes, I am running v2.13.04. That’s relly wired, everything went well until chainging the FW which I had to do in order to communicate with the new door sensors MCCGQ14LM.

That’s what I get out of API:
“config”: {
“battery”: 55,
“on”: true,
“pending”: [],
“reachable”: true,
“sensitivity”: 1,
“sensitivitymax”: 21,
“temperature”: 2600
“ep”: 1,
“etag”: “f98e69f9d4fb5734e88bc5cbc5570def”,
“lastannounced”: null,
“lastseen”: “2022-01-18T08:53Z”,
“manufacturername”: “LUMI”,
“modelid”: “lumi.vibration.aq1”,
“name”: “VIB Schiebetüre (V1)”,
“state”: {
“lastupdated”: “2022-01-18T08:54:02.613”,
“tiltangle”: 0,
“vibration”: true,
“vibrationstrength”: 0
“type”: “ZHAVibration”,
“uniqueid”: “00:15:8d:00:05:43:10:69-01-0101”

       so, stay always on detect!!

Really odd, the firmware doesn’t really look into the commands it’s more a generic modem and the real processing happens in deCONZ. I’ll make my tests this week with the sensor to see if I can spot something unusual.

That would be great, I am really lost and as both of my vibration sensors do have exactely the same behaviour after the FW update, I really think it has to do with it. Attached an extract of the DDF file, maybe it helps:

Did you update the addon at the same time? (So you did the firmware and the software?)

No, I only updated the FW.

Hi there, it looks I found the cause for this behaviour.
As recommended for adding door sensors with zigbee 3.0 (which made some troubles during pairing) I made the FW update and changed DDF from Gold to Bronze mode.
For sure thought this only relevant for the pairing mode and has NO influence on the general behaviour when a sensor is once paired I left it on bronze mode.
After back to gold mode, the vibration sensors work normally, as before.
That’s really strange - so I have to go back to bronze mode whenever I would like to pair a new door sensor and afterwards back to gold to let the vibration sensors work properly.

Maybe this a bug, I do not know, just want to mention what I have seen in my configuration.

Ha yes indeed, that’s why the vibration sensor was set to bronze so that this DDF is not yet enabled by default, it was created very early to figure out a few Xiaomi specific topics and hasn’t been tested for a while, this needs to be done in the next releases.

I also did a firmware update and now my vibration sensor no longer works.
Exactly the same symptoms as jjdave2002
I can’t roll back as the new firmware was needed for the latest Xiaomi Smart Switch WXKG11LM Rev.2
I don’t understand “Gold” and “Bronze”.
Is there a way I can get the sensor working again?
Version 2.13.04 / 18/12/2021
Firmware 26720700
Vendor Xiaomi
Product Vibration Sensor
Version 2018013

Did you update deCONZ or The firmware of the stick?

I updated deCONZ (Windows) to v2.13.4 and used that to flash the stick (plugged into the PC) to firmware 26720700.
I don’t recall seeing any options for gold or bronze.

Please check Panels > Control

Either way, @manup will check later on :slight_smile:

Does this still happen in latest version v2.14.0-beta?

Did you really flashed the stick with the deCONZ Windows SW, how did you do that? Just wonder as I am always have to do that manually with DOS commands.

Thanks for that, yes I can see them now in deCONZ but thinking back, I flashed the stick using a Window command window. I’ve never used the deCONZ app, I only use Phoscon Version 2.13.04.
All my contact with the ConBee II is through Home Assistant and Phoscon, do I need to update that?
I’m no expert, still learning.

Sorry jjdave, I got confused. No, I didn’t flash through deConz, I had to use a command prompt or PowerShell.
I did open deConz but it looked very scary so I shut it again, far too complicated for me.

OK, got you, I just thought you found a way to flash it w/o the command prompt process.

Hi all,

I think i have the same behavior like this.
The vibration value is always TRUE. It never turns back to false.

My setup:

System → RPI 3B+
DeConz Version → 2.18.1
ConBee I firmware → 26400500

I read about the status: bronze, Silver and gold.
Is this the Right way to fix it?

Thanks for helping here.

same here, 2 aqara vibration sensors are stuck to “detected” since months now