Aqara Updatetime

Hello, after a server restart, all Aqara (Xiaomi) are no longer updated correctly. (See Picture 1)

What does the “Sleeper” checkbox say?


Picture 1 (“vor X Minuten” = “X minutes ago”)

Only after manually pressing the button on the sensor is the value updated again. (See Picture 2)

Picture 2 (“vor weniger als 20 Sekunden” = “less than 20 seconds ago”)

Sonoff devices update about every 5 minutes without any problems.
After every server restart, I have to go through the whole house, so to speak, and update all manuals.
Is there a possibility that this error no longer occurs?

(Last transmission: After pressing the button)

(Last transmission: Before the server went down)

Is there a possibility to update the sensors to the latest firmware?

(Here the connection of the 3 Aqara sensors)

If I try to update the temperature via deCONZ, for example, I get a red dot
Guest bathroom (Gäste-Bad) and the conbee 2 stick are about 1m apart and there are no disturbing sources nearby

Even when I pressed the button manually

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I need to do a reconnect. Hold the button down for 10 seconds and activate “Connect new sensor” in the Phoscon app so that the sensor is expected to function normally. (Not tested yet, test is running)

I have one of the 3 sensors where I only have a status query with a simple click (“Veranda” = “porch”). Got one untouched (“Keller” = “basement”) and one reconnected. (“Gäste-Bad” = “guest bathroom”)

I’ll check how everyone is behaving until the afternoon

Sonoff is also queried every 5 minutes and Aqara when there is a change or every 1 hour, I think. Can this be adjusted somehow?

The Aqara are sending updates every 1 hour or if there is a significant change in the values.

This is something they do themselves and cant be done by deCONZ.

And my other problem?

Unfortunately, he doesn’t check at least every hour either

The “slepper” box is just to say at DDF core this device is a sleeper.

14H (on the first capture) on 2h (on the last capture) is strange for me for the Xiaomi multi sensor (like have said Mimiix it’s generaly max 1h) what is the maximum you can have ? If you heat the sensor, no more return ?
And battery seem to be at 100 % ?
You are sure not having connexion issue with this one ? (even the line seem green on the GUI, seriously how you can have so good connexion without router ? all > 250)

Xiaomi don’t provide firmware for this sensor (From my memory)

You tell me. We’re talking about connections throughout the house from the basement to the first floor. The server with Conbee II is very central in the house on the ground floor. I’ll send a picture of all my connections. All are over 250! Is it abnormal to have everyone over 250?

Bedroom (Schlafzimmer) and study (Arbeitszimmer) are on the upper floor
Basement (Keller) is in the basement :smiley:
The rest is all on the ground floor.

yes since they are new I hope at least that I got new batteries :smiley:

After a server restart, it takes a very long time to get back to normal, as described by Mimiix

@Mimiix I can query the status manually via deCONZ. What speaks against a deCONZ function that simply does the same thing, so I can set it up if I definitely want a query?

It does the same thing, but you probably are clicking the button on the device during that period.

The thing that wakes it up, is the clicking on that button. And thus you able to query.

You can’t query it naturaly, the device is a sleeper, it’s it that decide when listen or make a request.
Except ofc if you use the button to wake it, but it’s not the “normal working mode” for me.

But it make request if you heat it or not ? to know if you miss only the periodic event or all events ?