AQARA Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1

Name: Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1
Model: TH-S02D
Link: Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1 WSDCGQ12LM Zigbee compatibility

I’m unable to connect this device to the ConBee III, and I’m not sure if it is currently supported. Probably not??

Please add support for this device. It also uses the Zigbee protocol.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

It seem it is supported > deconz-rest-plugin/devices/xiaomi/xiaomi_wsdcgq12lm_t1_temp_hum_sensor.json at master · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub
Can you compare the model id and the manufacture name ?

  "manufacturername": "LUMI",
  "modelid": "lumi.sensor_ht.agl02"

And what is your deconz version, old version on branch 2.27 have problem with “short” manufacture name

"manufacturername": "$MF_LUMI",

I’m using ioBroker and deConz adapter (v 2.26.3)

Manufacturer: Lumi United Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: TH-S02D

I think the model id is different → not WSDCGQ12LM but TH-S02D

The DDF referenced by Smanar is indeed the right one for the device. When it was created back in the days, I haven’t had the device here for testing. However, I noted the wrong Xiaomi model ID as well and would have sworn that I changed it, including renaming the file.

Must have been in a parallel universe :smile:

I m saying model id and Manufacture name from the device itself, not the packaging.
I have search on another project and it seem value are good (or I don’t see the bad one …)

fingerprint deviceJoinName: "Aqara Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor (WSDCGQ12LM)", model: "lumi.sensor_ht.agl02", modelType: "Aqara WSDCGQ12LM", profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0003,0402,0405,0403,0001", outClusters:"0019", manufacturer:"LUMI"

Deconz use only “lumi.sensor_ht.agl02” and “LUMI” to select the DDF, will be usefull to check in deconz direclty.