Aqara Temp Sensor showing no values

Hi Forum,
I have an aqara temp / humidity / pressure ( sensor here that does not display any values after pairing with deconz 2.16.01 and Conbee2.
The sensor worked fine, but after the battery was empty, it no longer showed any values. i replaced the battery, reset the sensor and paired again. the sensor is recognized by deconz, but no values are displayed. I have repeated the reset / pairing many times, but no success.
Is there a trick to successfully reconnect the sensor to deconz?
Or maybe the sensor is defective?

I recommend update to deCONZ 2.17.1 and firmware 26780700. Then pair the device again via the Phoscon App and don’t klick the green “ready” button immediately that the network don’t close to early. You can also press while paring the button every 1-2 second to keep the sensor wake up.

If you have access to the deCONZ GUI you can have a look if you see both endpoints of the device. Klick on the right of the 2 buttons. It’s good to give the device a few minutes to provide all data. Some information will come up to one hour after pairing.