Aqara smart smoke detector - JY-GZ-01AQ


Could you investigate support for the Aqara smart smoke detector?

Also see Aqara Smart Smoke Detector (JY-GZ-01AQ) Zigbee compatibility
And the git issue: Aqara smart smoke detector - JY-GZ-01AQ · Issue #5864 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

You need to add all screenshots required in order to request support.

I added the screenshots in the git issue, thanks.

I received two of these smoke sensors today and am trying to follow up on the github thread that has been closed a while ago due to lack of response.

This is my first attempt to use the DDF editor to at least deliver the basic file Smanar was asking for. But I just do not get how to use the DDF editor. I select the device that I need to add and choose “edit DDF” this opens an Untitled file with prefilled modelid lumi.sensor_smoke.acn03 and Manufacturer LUMI as basic information. Then I enable the sleeper option and drag the ZHAFire to the left side of the window.

I checked the attributes and assume all I should change maybe is the settings for the fire attribute?
Here is where I get lost and do not know where to go from here. I have set the file on bronze and enabled bronze in the DDF options of deCONZ. I saved the file at this point and did a hot reload. Rescanned the devices and nothing seems to have changed.

When opening the ddf file on the device again the file I saved is opened so it has loaded it. I see the option to select the different parse options, including Xiaomi: special. But have no clue what to set in this. I have tried to read through documentation but am stuck here.

How can I get this moving forward to the REST API?



Hi wim,

Best to proceed in the Github issue. I’ll re open it.

Kind regards

done just now

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