Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 temperatures stay at 40 °F

Thermostat shows in the Phoscon App (Conbee II, Gateway version 2.25.1, Firmware 26780700) always Roomtemperature of 40 °F instead of accurate value in °C.
And Heat Setpoint changes back to 40 °F when trying to adjust with + and - buttons.

I’m using v2.25.1 of deconz with two TRVs: a Bosch model and a Tuya model, which I’ve managed to get reporting temperature correctly. However, on the “Phoscon / Devices / Thermostats” page, both TRVs display current and setpoint temperatures in imperial units, oddly set at 40 degrees. The Details page also shows 40°F, and it’s impossible to change this setpoint. Any attempt to adjust it simply reverts back to 40 degrees without effecting any change.

This seems to be a UI issue, as the API event log, debug log via VNC, and HomeAssistant using Deconz all report the correct temperature. Considering there’s another bug report with similar issues, it appears this might be a common problem with thermostats. This might indicate a lacking of coherent testing on relase? :slight_smile:

Just realized the other thread is only 16 minutes old, not 16 months. :man_facepalming: Perhaps the threads should be merged for clarity?

Merged it :slight_smile: