Aqara smart plug last state memory

Ill find this on Aqaras homepage about power off memory.
“For safety reasons, when the Aqara Smart Plug powers off, the Aqara Smart Plug does not save settings. However, there is a “power-off memory” option in the app. By choosing this option, the Aqara Smart Plug settings will be restored to their previous status.”

Ill try to find how to setup this in deconz cluster settings but cant find any solution.

I think it was in the on off cluster, 0x4003

Hmm… here? Its greyed out. On my Aqara relays Ill can change that setting but on the smart plug there is no way :slight_smile:

Not sure if they support it in that case. @Swoop can you confirm?

I do not know the difference between power off memory and last state memory. Ill asked the vendor before i purchased the smart plug and they told me that in the MI App you can change settings to power on after power failure.

EDIT: Maybe it is the MI app that power on the plug again and not the plug itself? Then its worthless for me becuase I need to know that the smart plug power on after power failure.

That could be the case.

And I don’t see this option on Z2M neither.

A little bit off topic:
I realized that the smart plug was for max 10A and Ill needed one for 16A. Someone who can recommend a smartplug for 16A and 3000W+ with power off memory?

Quiztime: When you walk in to BMW and ask if your 3 series engine has a turbo charger, what would presumably be the follow up question from the BMW guy to answer your question adequately? :slight_smile:

Hint: It might have something to do with the model ID.

I notice also, with interest - that after updating deConz to 2.13.02, my Aqara Smart Plug loose connection to power and temp metering when switched off. Switching it back on, and these values again becomes available. This didn’t use to be the case with 2.13.01


Ha nice information.
By curisosity what is “power out” on HA , the on/off state ?

We are missing model Id’s here guys.

Ow Sorry. Already accepted that the setting does not exist so forgot to answer. Im not near my plug but google say… SP Euc01

“Power out” is just my own name for the current load, expressed in Watt.


Ha yes so you have 1 ZHAconsumption that is not disabled, but the second one the ZHAPower that is disabled because it was not updated for too much time.
But I think when the device is off, the ZHAconsumption is not updated too …