Aqara remote toggles all devices


I have an Aqara remote (Aqara remote switch H1 double rocker) that I want to use to toggle specific lights and I have added it as a switch to those lights and no other. Still it toggles all lights I have.

I want button 1 to toggle light A.
I want button 2 to turn off light B.

what i have is:
button 1 toggles all lights.
button 2 toggles all lights.

How do I prevent it from toggling all lights and just do what I want it to do?

Is there a C on the back? A button?

This is the back of it.

It resolved itself after ignoring it for a while!

Intresting. Normally we seen this on the Opple ones as it’s a mode there. Perhaps this one has it but deCONZ overwrites it after a while.

Great it’s solved :slight_smile: