Aqara motion sensors at times not responding

Hi all.
I’m new in this forum.
May be, someone can help me in this issue.
I have a relatively small zigbee network consisting of an Conbee2 stick, 6x Aqara Motion sensors and 4x Osram Smart+ lamps, Aqara windows/door sensor and Aqara switch.
Everything running unter Home Assistant, set up 3 month ago.
ESP-Home devices as well.
WiFi running at lower Channel, Zigbee at upper channel (25).
All Zigbee devices paired under Phoscon, automation created in Home Assistant.
Generally everything is running fine but abut once in 3 weeks some motion sensors are not detecting motion (neihter in Phoscon, nor in Home Assistant).
Re-pairing of the motion sensors fixes the problem.
As you can see in der Deconz network diagram there are may weak connections.
Especially the two sensors with yellowish link connection tend to fail.
Strage that ALL connectinons to the lamps seem to be week / yelloish.
I can’t create new bindings because the sensors have no on/off cluster point.


Can you share some logs? In #deconz you can find out how to make some :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
Finaly managed to get the VCN on deconz running.
So I recorded a five minutes log about 15 minutes after deconz restart.
I hope you can interprete something out of this data mess.
Since I can’t figur out how to attache a text file here, I stored it at my Google drive:


I’ve just read the logs, but they don’t show anything obvious. They really look nice and clean.

Which motion sensors stop working?

The problematic sensors have a blackout for about one minute appox. onces in three days and complete failure (re-pairing needed) about onces in three weeks (this has not happened within last two weeks)
Mostly it’s the two motion sensors which do not have a direct connection to the coordinator.
Would make sense, since all connections to and through router lamps are yellowish and all direct connections from coordinator to sensors are green (LQI = 255/0).
Why is there not a single coordinator-lamp connection green although their distances are just 6 meters through one plasterboard wall?

One strange thing happened yesterday. I read in the deconz manual, that in order to reduce bandwidth, one might disable constant network discovery “Routers and Coordinator” / “Routers” (CRE button at the top middle of deconz window). Three hours after I did that, deconz crashed completly.
After restart in HA intergrations it came up fine again.

Now it’s looking so much better.
I managed to get a green connection with good LQI value from the coordinator to each battery powered sensor / switch.
What I did was resetting each devices, one after the other, having weak connection in deconz.
Deconz somehow disconnected with every device reset.
So I reconnected deconz every time.
I took the concerned devices close to the Conbee stick
Then re-paired the devices one after the other in Phoscon
Back in deconz the left dot of the concerned device box started binking in greeen.
After 1/2 to 1 minute then the extra green connection to the coordinator appeared.
And the LQI values just dropped a little after putting back the devices to their original place.
So let’s see whether there ist still any malfunctioning.

Great! Let’s see what happens.