Aqara motion sensor shows only motion

I have an Aqara lumi.sensor_motion.aq2.
In Phoscon only the motion part works; Lux doesn’t and temperature vanished.
In Deconz Lux works but I cannot find the cluster where there is the temperature.
In Home Assistant the Temperature entity is not available anymore


Maybe another try to add the device solve the problem. It seems there is only one endpoint in deCONZ instead the two. Don’t klick too fast at the green ready button in the Phoscon App after the sensor came into the network. Thats for keep the network open to collect all endpoints.

Are you already on firmware 26 72 0700 (or 78). If not update this in a native installation.

deCONZ 2.16.1 is running?


I followed your instructions and now everything works again in Phoscon.
But perhaps there is something wrong in Deconz now

Re pair it, it probably didn’t pair correctly.

Without any human intervention :slight_smile:
it became

and temperature and lux don’t work again.

OK, i performed all tests I could.
IMHO something changed in your software.
Device doesn’t work as before.