Aqara Motion Sensor P1 (lumi.motion.ac02)

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Connection is not possible, because the device is not yet supported by deconz, right? I can connect it to Deconz, but its not recognized by Phoscon.
The P1 Motion sensor seems to replace the first Aqara Motion sensor. Will it be possible to control the Motion sensitivity or the cool off time using Phoscon?

Too early to say anything. Phoscon has a reputation of slow development so I wouldn’t expect anything there. If any adjustments can be done, they would be on the restapi.

Both capabilities will be available, but through API. I currently got the FP1 here for testing, however, they seem to differ in the most important part: detecting motion or presence. Also no clue if that state resets itself.

The major challenge for me is currently to anticipate how that might work remotely without sniffing. The way Z2M does this does not feel right (just a gut feeling and my experience with Xiaomi). Probably the only chance would be to get like a 5 mins log from deconz with APS L2 enabled and then try to crawl through it. Should start with ensured 1 mins of no motion, then triggering it while leaving it alone for another minute. After that, motion can be triggerd at will. Illumination should also be changed, since it apparently supports it.

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Can we have further discussion on the device on the git issue?

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some news regarding this sensor?

Please check the git issue :slight_smile:

I use deconz as a home assistant add-on. with the new deconz update, now I can see the P1 sensor in the research phase, but I can’t select it later for paring with the conbee II key