Aqara Motion Sensor dropped and unable to add back


I have two of these sensors that were paired to Conbee II for a few months, got disconnected. So I removed them from Phoscon and re-added back. It shows the typical green bar “Ready” and added. But after clicking through, it still does not show up in the sensors list.

After experiencing this, I upgraded the firmware and it still stays the same. I can pair new zigbee devices, just the same sensors that were working, removed, and unable to be added back. (Somehow it shows that they are paired and ready, but it does not show up in the phoscon device list.)

Is there a known fix or do i have to try to reset the whole zigbee dongle?


Moved to deCONZ- General support.

Can you add some logs ?

Looks like it was a confusion of devices on my part. Thanks and sorry!