Aqara leak sensor new firmware unavailable entities in HA


Using HASSIO and Deconz plug in, on Pi4B all latest releases…

I have added two new Water leak sensors from Aqara… The new devices are losing the entities right away after pairing so they look in Home Assistant like this:

I can see they have a newer firmware and the basic cluster looks like this:

This compares with an older sensor that works:

Manufacture specific and Xiaomi specific are missing from the new sensor…

Does this needs to have a bug report on github to have the ddf adjusted?

Many thanks!

In Deconz it looks like this:
New sensor

Old sensor

Anyone have any opinion on what to do next? Many thanks!

Unfortunatly I have no clue.
Maybe @Robban has an idea?!

Battery 0% maybe change the battery?

Weird because it looks like both are not using the same “process” to gather information, one displays SW Build ID as version and the other displays Date code.
But none seems using the DDF "eval": "Item.val = '0.0.0_' + ('0000' + (Attr.val & 0xFF).toString()).slice(-4)"

What does DDF editor give for each of them ?

had the original battery and was Panasonic… change it with a brand new one Sony, same thing…

@BabaIsYou the ddf question if for me? if so can you detail what I need to do .
Thank you!

If I select edit ddf and then preview there is a difference on the ddf, on the new firmware is missing the description on state/tampered and state/water

These two DDF do not look the same as the one released with DeCONZ : deconz-rest-plugin/devices/xiaomi/lumi_sensor_wleak_aq1.json at master · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

What are the beginning lines of each ?

Sorry for the delay.

Both ddfs start like below. Maybe I am not getting them as I should. I use VNC select → Right click Edit DDF and then preview…


“schema”: “devcap1.schema.json”,
“manufacturername”: “$MF_LUMI”,
“modelid”: “lumi.sensor_wleak.aq1”,
“product”: “lumi.sensor_wleak.aq1”,
“sleeper”: false,
“status”: “Draft”,
“subdevices”: [
“restapi”: “/sensors”,
“uuid”: [
“fingerprint”: {
“profile”: “0x0104”,
“device”: “0x0402”,
“endpoint”: “0x01”,
“in”: [

Then it confirms that these are not the last DDF as referenced in my previous post. What is your deconz version ?

I am using the latest HA plug in
version 2.21.02

same after updating to 2.22.02…
I have remove them and added them again.

For me, after updating deCONZ from 2.21.2 to 2.22.2 and restarting the deCONZ container (Home Assistant addon), I lost those two entities:


I can’t bring them back, I already…

  • soft re-paired the sensor (without deletion, but now bind to a stronger node/repeater)
  • reloaded deCONZ integration

Has that information been removed in 2.22.2 maybe?

Device: Aqara Water Leak Sensor SJCGQ11LM Zigbee compatibility

Mine is reporting as following:

DDF (completely default, never changed something here):

Edit: found Xiaomi Aquara Water leak sensor (SJCGQ11LM) falsely reports trouble on deConz 2.22.2 (HA addon) · Issue #7061 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub which seems to deliver answers, at least for my problems with this sensor thanks to 2.22.2 update.

ok glad is not only me so yes the github issue is what I have, the newer firmware leak sensors are not exposing the entities… Hope that the github issue gets the required attention thanks so much for the update!

Let’s stay in the GitHub issue for now and proceed there to keep it in one place.

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