Aqara H1 dual rocker wireless remote switch WRS-R02

Hello all,

I’m trying for days to pair my H1 wireless correctly to Rasbee2 on a Pi4 with deCONZ.
It is only connected with a delay, but then correctly displayed with “lumi.remote.b28ac1”.
The only problem is that with both keys, or long press, or double click, it always sends “1002”.
What do I have to change?

Many thanks

Please share how the device is exposed via REST API. Also, what deconz version are you running and what firmware version does your Raspbee II have?

Hello @Swoop,
thanks for the takeover and the push toward firmware.
The solution was to update the deconz from v2.21.0 to the newest 2.23.02 and a firmware update of the Rasple II to 26780700.
After two reboots the Aqara H1 shown up as expected.
In my mind I had that the firmware I was using is not so “old”…