Aqara E1 Zigbee 3.0 Theromstat


is there currently existing support for the E1 Thermostat by Aqara – or is it planned?
How would I be able to let the device join?
(I can set it in pairing mode)

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Hi :slight_smile:

You need to add the device to deCONZ first to request device support. Put it in pairing mode and search for lights.

Once that’s done, check if it works using API/3rd party integration(Domoticz,HA, Homekit).

If it doesn’t, or has a hex name, check the Model ID /Manufacturer name in the Basic cluster and check if there’s anything on the github issues related to that.

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It’s in phoscon. But not in deCONZ.

There is no hit for the device in Github issues. It seems there is needed to create a new device request. Additional you can create a DDF for self usage until there is an offical DDF.

You mean its in Deconz but not Phoscon.

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yeah you’re right. I always mix those two up. :smiley: