Aqara Door Sensors show open on restart of deCONZ

My first post, thanks for the add.

I just updated deCONZ and like the last few updates, all the Aqara door sensors show open instead of closed (which they are) on restart. That starts a bunch of timers and a few minutes later I have warning popping up about freezer doors, side gate, etc.

The only solution is to manually open, then close each door that has an Aqara door sensor. I’m inclined to think the fault lies with deCONZ/JowiHue since they do show open in deCONZ even though they’re not. FYI using HomeSeer but this problem has existed for a few versions possibly having something to do with the switch to DDF files.

Anyone else? I can’t think of a workaround because there is no reset for these sensors. I could run an event that stops and resets all the times upon startup but that isn’t elegant nor is it foolproof.

FWIW, I always shutdown deCONZ before updating software, then restart.


I have had a similar issue upgrading from v2.22.0 to v2.22.1. I have 9 Aqara open close sensors and 6 of these reported as being “open” when the physical doors were closed. It took some 30 minutes before they all showed closed.
Interestingly, the 3 that did not report the wrong status were those that were physically furthest away.

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I upgraded this weekend to v2.22.2 and m seeing the same issue. When deCONZ restarts several sensors show the active state. This goes for aqara open/close sensors, but also for several motion sensors (including Philips Hue Motion sensors).
We have had this issue before, more then a year ago. It seems the move to DDF files is bringing this bug back to the scene? Anyone watching this topic?


Just upgraded to v2.23.0 and see that the Aqara open / close sensors default to open and take their time returning to the actual state. When upgrade was carried out, all doors were closed.

I have the same issue with agara door/window sensors, only open and close the door fix it.
When is there coming a fix?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Once the sensor wakes up and checks in it will self correct. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if that’s going to be one minute or a one day.

It’s broken and needs to be fixed.

I have upgraded to version 2.23.0 now it looks good.

This is not related to this topic. So please open anotic topic.

I have installed the latest 2.24.00 today and still the issue occurs, the aqara door/windows sensors are triggered to open after the restart of deCONZ. What do we need to do to get attention for this issue?


I had this for ages but now lost hope :smiley:

To recap: I have many of these sensors and have experienced these issues with them:

  • on deconz restart, they throw open/close events. This is a bit random and not on all of them. This can trigger automation and naturally causes issues (think if there’s an alarm watching if the doors/windows open), since the door/window didn’t really open nor close
  • on deconz restart, unrelated to the above, they show as open (not throwing the event! the initial state) even if they are closed (or viceversa). This usually corrects itself with the first opening/closing of the sensor.

Having similar issues with this myself — can’t remember from which version I upgraded from, but with 2.24.2, on restart, devices are showing as open with last change recorded as 19/11/23. After manually triggering an update using the button on the door sensor, it shows correctly, but seemingly doesn’t seem to persist to zll.db.

me too. for a while now. pretty annoying. especially if you update after turning on an alarm :stuck_out_tongue:

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