Aqara cube stops working after a few seconds


I have a Conbee II stick connected to a raspberry Pi 3, and installed deConz sucessfully. I tried to pair my first (and at the moment only) device, an Aqara Cube to deConz, which was successful, I have two sensor readings, one for flip, one for rotation, the problem I am facing now is that after a few seconds or sometimes also 2 minutes, the Cube stops sending signals, i.e. the status in deConz is not updated anymore.

When I force it pressing the little button inside the cube, everything works again for a few seconds, until it stops again. This also happens when I am really close to the Conbee stick, so I guess it is not a connection problem, but some kind of energy saving of the Cube.

Do you have any idea how to fix this odd behaviour?

Can you share some logs?