Aqara B1 Curtain Controller not working

Hardware: Conbee II USB Stick
Firmware: 2.18.02 / 9/19/2022 v26720700
I can’t pair my curtain controller. Here is the exact model: Aqara Curtain Motor B1 (ZNCLDJ12LM) Zigbee compatibility
I can see the device in Deconz UI, but not in Phoscon UI.

It was working with previous firmware. I was able to see in both UIs. The only way to control the device is through Deconz UI → Analog Output → Cluster Info → Present Value

All devices that are visible in Phoscon UI can also be controlled by Home Assistant, which is my Smart Home system. Now the curtain controller is not visible there.

Seems to be not supported: Aqara Motor B1 does not report anymore · Issue #4249 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

I am pretty sure the device is supported. It was working for the last 1-2 years - with the older firmwares - 2.17.1, 2.16.1 etc. I could add it and see it under lights in Phoscon.
I updated to 2.18.2 and open/close buttons stopped working, so I deleted the item and tried to pair again. Since then the curtain controller only shows up in Deconz UI and if I send Present Value 100 it closes and Present Value 0 opens.
So I think the main communication is working. It should be some minor display bug to get it in Phoscon UI.

The hex name indicates it is not recognized thus not showing in api and phoscon.