Aqara Air Quality Sensor AAWS-S01 - No Humidity anymore

Hi there,

I have a strange problem with the AQS in the topic. I cannot say since when as I was in vacation but none of my two AQS are submitting the Humidity anymore. Temperature and TVOC values are displayed in Phoscon normally.

The one in the living room which I didn’t touched hangs on a value since days. The one in the bed room which I deleted and paired again shows 20°C, 0%

Gateway Version: 2.25.3
Firmware: 26720700
HomeAssistant Core 2024.2.2
HomeAssistant Supervisor 2024.01.1
HomeAssistant OperatingSystem 11.5

Can you help here?


I have the same config as you. did you tried to remove the batteries, wait for a while and add them again? Does the humidity show on the screen?

Thank you, that did the trick. But unfortunately the battery is really hard to remove when it’s sticked on the wall.

EDIT: Whats’ really interesting is, that removing the batteries from the bedroom sensor brought the RH sensor from the living room sensor back also. Strange.

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OK, I am really confused.

The AQS are really not working anymore. The only thing which is working for me since ever is temperature. TVOC and humidity vary but in fact the values on the display and the values in Phoscon are not in sync anymore at all.

It works for me and I have checked the values from the display and in home assistant and they do synch. Please note that the sysnch is not instant. For example I had in HA 115 ppb, went to check the sensor, and I clicked twice to see the TVOC and they were 110 ppb and when I came to check HA, it was synched as 110 ppb…

Yes, I know that TVOC is not instant, but temperature and humidity are (the were at my setup).
I am using the humidity for opening the windows and just before a week or so you could see how the humidity difference goes down.