Aqara 2 Dock Switch WXKG02LM conbee II

Hello all,
my name is Ralph and I want to get part of your community.
I have a Problem with my Aqara switches WXKG02LM. they worked for me since more than two years. I changed batteries …no prob.
I made a phoscon update 2.17.01 and a Firmware update 26720700 and now the connection to the switch is lost. I spent nearly days to pair the switches again with no success. I made a backup, if I restore the settings I will get the switch back in grey in Phoscon and in deconz the switch node is there with no connection to the configuration tool.
Are there any issues known, that with newer updates the “old” Aqara switches doesn’t work any more?
Is there a possibility to sniffer, if the aqara switches still sending?
It would be great to get an advise from someone.

I am not sure if this helps you but in my large network (close to 200 devices) at time if I need to re-pair some sensors sometimes is just not pairing. I need to power off my raspberry pi, remove the power from the pi, take out the USB extension where the conbee 2 is and wait a minute or so, put it back the USB extension cable, re-power the pi and shortly after all comes back online try to re-pair again and it works then.

The problem seems to have started with newer versions but I am not 100% positive as my network was growing too…

I am on Home Assistant OS
Conbee 2 firmware 2.17.01 / 26720700


Hi Adrian,
thank you very much for your advise. I directly made a try… unfortunately with no positive result.
I think I have to throw the switch to the garbage… all other devices are working without any problems, the pity is, I liked the switch, it looks cool, it is “smart home lover - wife friendly”.


If you could give me a screenshot from the basic cluster with the attribtues read as well as a screenshot from all available clusters, I might be able to help you to prevent the device being trashed :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Swoop,
this is quite gentle from you.
Do you mean this ?

Yes, that would be the 2nd screenshot. For the first one requested, you must select the basic cluster and then use the cluster info pane. There’s a read button, which must be pressed up to 4 secs after you pressed a button on the device to wake it up.

Also, when you make a right click on the node (just in the area of Schalter Küche), then select edit DDF, you get to the editor. Would be also helpful if you could paste the content of the preview pane here.

Hi Swoop,
once again - Big Thank you for taking care about my Aqara switch.
This is the information I could provide.

If I press read, the node “LED” is always red, cause of missing pairing … I think.
Unfortunately I couldn’t provide the DDF Data, because, doing a right click on the node I don’t reach the preview pane.

Thanks for getting in my topic.
Greetz Ralph

Hm, looks like your switch is not available. Does it blink green when you press a button? Otherwise, it might be worth to re-pair it.

For the DDF editor, right click on the node gives you the option to select it