Announcement: ZSHark is now available for Conbee II

Hi all,

Zshark (for sniffing Zigbee traffic) is now available for use with Conbee II !

Raspbee II is still a Work in Progress.

That’s all for now!



Installed Zshark and it asked to upgrade firmware… Followed seamless procedure for upgrade, restart and connection works a treat. Sniffing yes. Excellent work.

One immediate issue was after closing down and running DeConz will now not connect.
Removed and retested and DeConz is now non-functional. I upgraded to DeConz 2.12.3 and still no luck so I need to look further later today.

You need to flash the original firmware back to it.

Thank you and I thought was the case.

Therefore a Conbee can only be employed in either one or the other role depending on firmware. Is there any plans to merge?

Not sure if that’s even possible

@ChrisHae Are you able to explain something about this?

The Zshark and deCONZ firmware are two different firmwares.
Each Application works in a different way and therefore needs an individual firmware.
(Both have a different underlying communication sw stack)

Thank you and appreciate that the firmware is role specific.

Is my understanding correct that we cannot use a ConBee II or RaspBee II for sniffing ZigBee traffic while in parallel use it for its original purpose, e.g. lights and sensors management? Anyway, thanks a lot for developing and supporting all these great tools! :+1:

That is correct, it is one or the other.