All Osram lights (CLA60, Celing TW, Clasic B40 TW) blink twice when power on

I have some Osram lights connected with the deconz/phoscon System running on raspberry 4.
After update to the new beta version 2.13.03 all osram lights blink twice when power on.
Before the upgrade, not all lights showed randomly this behaviuor.
Please can you explane the cause of this “blinking” and maybe a solution?

Regards Oliver

Interesting, I don’t know what is causing this. Can you please share some logs when the issue happens (with INFO and APS levels enabled).

Which model ids do the lights have?

hi manup,
the problem disappeared (for now)… So it is hard to create logs …
The Image IDS:

I will come back, when i can reproduce the problem…