All links are lost between conbee II and devices


somehow the link between my conbee and all devices are removed.
Is there a way to recover from this ?

Here is a screenshot:


Does it work?

Also what version is this?

I’m sorry, I do not understand what is meant with “does it work?”.
I’m using deconz V2.12.6, which is combined with home assistant.

Removing and adding a device new still works.

It seems like the device was disconnected and reconnected. That’s why all dropped.

Can you share some logs?

Hi, thank you for lookin into this. Logging can be found @ Logging2021-12-15 -

Can you share a screenshot of your network settings?

Did you use the conbee with ZHA or Z2M?

Just perhaps had it running for 1minute?

Change the APS Use Ext Pan ID to
Please change the APS Use Ext Pan ID to 0x0000000000000000

Hi, I did make the change, but no difference in the links.

Can you share some logs again?

And check if the change have worked on the setting.

Indeed it does look like I do something wrong. I did the following:

  • Change the value to 0x0000000000000
  • Clicked save
  • restarted deconz within HA and reopend the network settings : still 0x0000000000
  • restarted HA, reopend networksetting : 0xdddddddddddddddd :frowning:

This is the logging after the restart of HA : 17:32:15:473 New websocket (state: 3) 17:32:15:648 Announced -

4 devices are working because I added them later.

As i said, dio you have ZHA or Z2m installed but not running?

Sorry, missed that one. I had Z2M on my HA this morning, but is removed already a couple of hours.

I can be wrong but you need to disconect before changing the setting, then save and reconnect.

That’s whats doing that setting.