Alex does not recognize new Lamps

I connected my Alexa with the Deconz App long time along (more then 2 years). All my Lamps are controllable with Alexa. Now I learnd some new Lamps and power Plugs on Deconz. But this I can’t control they with Alexa and it also not displayed in the Alexa App on my Android Smartphone.

A new Connection between Deconz and Alexa does not fix this problem. What should I do?

Is there a Way to send Alexa an updated Device List?

Here some more Information about my environment: I use a ConBee II USB Stick with FW 26720700. My Gateway v2.24.2 runs in a stable Docker Container on Ubuntu.

Hi Iceman,

since some days I also have issues with the Lamps. I can’t controll them anymore via Alexa. Also in the Alexa App it states that no connection is possible.

I’m also completely unsure what causes this issue. Re-Connecting the App does not solve the issue unfortunately.

Was currently searching for a solution and found your issue here :wink: maybe someone is able to help us solve it.