Alarm systems not working anymore

Since the latest version of deCONZ any REST Api call to the alarmsystems is returning errors. What is going wrong all of the sudden? I checked the documents but it seems nothing should have changed?

Results in:
“error”: {
“address”: “/alarmsystems/1”,
“description”: “internal error, failed to set code, occured”,
“type”: 901

A call to set the arm_away mode results in a error 400?

How can this be solved?


Asked manup to check. Are other devices working as expected ?

Assuming this is on your Windows setup? From a API standpoint nothing was changed, but there was a refactor OpenSSL loading to support version 1 and 3 which may be related here, it was tested to work but looks like something doesn’t :thinking:

I’ll make a test on my Windows setup to check if I can recreate the issue.

No, I have a Conbee Config on Windows, but not using the alam system there. This is on my RaspBee setup on a Raspberry.

Other lights/sensors seem to work fine here.

Uff this took a while to debug, my wrapper code to support OpenSSL 1.x and 3.x didn’t fully work on 1.x.
Fix is in upcoming version.


I m glad you found it Manup :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next version. It will increase the WAF again


Installed 2.24.00 today and can confirm the alarm system is working again.

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