AIXI-SHS Zigbee Themostat


I got an Thermostat, named AIXI-SHS-Zigbee. It is possible to connect it to Deconz, I can see it in raspberry web-interface, can see, that blue-action dot is flashing if I change temperature, but can’t find it in my Phoscon.App.

I’m not a nerd, so I’m looking for a good manual to get information how to use it in the Phoscon.App. Most descriptions, I’v found, let me back confused.

Does somebody use this thermostate and can help me?

Regards ,Joska

Theres some info on GitHub wiki, but it’s best to open an device request here : Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Please make sure to fill the template

Hi Mimiix
I’ll do so, but fear not to understand the information on github.

In that case, make the request :slight_smile: