After Reboot/Restart devices are missing in Phoscon but still in deCONZ

Raspi4 - HomeAssistant IO (currently 2023.2.3 ) - ssd installation - conbee 2 -Firmware 26780700 - Version 2.20.01 / 19.9.2022 - zigbee channel 15
i have also hue bridge running - zigbee channel 11

I paired: 2 aqara sensors (2x DJT11LM), 1x aqara opple, 1x sonoff motion sensor (SNZB-03), 1x Door sensor (SNZB-04)

After a reboot, everything is lost in phoscon, deconz is showing them (also the switch clicks, or motions). But they are not responsible in HomeAssistant. Re-pair in phoson and everything is working until next reboot/update/whatever.
Have this problem since i started with this setup (10month).
Also the backup is not including the paired devies.

Tried also this one, but after HA restart, device is gone again and the name is again 0x9987:

** posted it to another topic before…

Looks like for some reason stuff isn’t stored in the database .

Did you ever try to remove the addon and reinstall?

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Just removed and reinstalled, the first reboots+shutdown (with remove power) are working. I will monitor it some days.
But i have problems with the enteties ID: sensor.presence_5_battery - is there a way to reset them? So that its presence_1_battery again?

I don’t think the ID is incremental, the next one can be 6 and not 1.

Until now its working well, i a made some reboots, updates, etc… Everything is working fine!
Thanks for this idea!