Add tilt control nodon SIN-4-RS-20

Hello there, don’t know if i post in the good section…

I have a device nodon SIN-4-RS-20 who is able to control the tilt part of a shutter but the command are not show in my third part home automation système (jeedom).

Based on the Json of the module i have try to create commands:

    "2": {
        "etag": "994899b1ebfaf7dcd78da4e9129130e5",
        "hascolor": false,
        "lastannounced": "2021-10-07T12:09:54Z",
        "lastseen": "2021-10-07T13:05Z",
        "manufacturername": "NodOn",
        "modelid": "SIN-4-RS-20",
        "name": "Window Nodon",
        "state": {
            "bri": 0,
            "lift": 0,
            "on": false,
            "open": true,
            "reachable": true
        "swversion": "0x00010005",
        "type": "Window covering device",
        "uniqueid": "5c:02:72:ff:fe:7d:15:c0-01"

I have : 01.state::bri for the state of the shutter,
01.bri::#slider# for the level control of the shutter it’s actiually works

Acording to this i have created two similar Cmd for the tilt control:

01.state::tilt and 01.lift::#slider#, the state seem working but i can’t send Cmd…

If i set up the tilt value trought deCONZ it’s working

So my question is how do i do to have the cmd synthax for the tilt ?

Hello, I think the problem happen during the detection. The code don’t see your device have lift and bri, so it don’t add them on the Json.

But I think it’s a good occasion for me to test the new deconz feature (DDF files ), wich one deconz version is running ATM on jeedom ? Can you use the last version if this one is not available in jeedom ? The “easy method” to update it will be available soon (this Week end, if all is fine) so you will probably have it in jeedom too.

And how many device have you, the new feature is still beta, don’t want to broke a 150 nodes network.