Ability to disable ON/OFF in API for devices

Hey there,

In some usecases, it would be nice to disable ON/OFF functionality. For example, i have a smart plug on my 2 outlets in my room. They measure power. Turning these off, by accident, is not preferable because it turns off the Zigbee server. In that case, it would be useful to disable on/off API requests for these clusters.

Would this be feasible? I know this can be achieved by removing it party from SQL but a switch in the API would be more useful.


I second this. Very desirable feature. Definitely on my wish list too. :+1:

Same for me in order to protect my fridge ^^

I have submitted a PR just for notification (incoming request) https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/pull/4960
Can be used too for disable “outcoming request”, but I thing need to use other thing than config/on …

With the incremente of smart plugs this FR is most important.

I think we can add something like this as a generic configuration for allowed commands, but it will take a while since the overall command handling needs to be refactored cleanly to not create a mess.