413 Request Entity Too Large

Version 2.13.04

I use a reverse proxy in front of the phoscon app, which adds quite a lot of headers to the http request. This seems to hit a size limit in the phoscon app webserver. It would be nice if this limit could be increased.

Is there any solution to this problem? Having the same issue with docker running on unraid behind reverse proxy.

It really seems like this is a problem. Fresh install with latest versions and seeing same problem.

did you ever found a solution?

is ther still support on this? got 22 thing behinds cloudflare and all working exempt for deconz

did you ever found a fix?

guessing there is no solution as nobody give a solution.

I’ve had a look in the internal parser it is capped on 2048 bytes for the header, this can be increased. Do you know how large the headers are in your case where the error happens?

Looks like Apaches default max. size is 8 Kb, I think we can go with that one.