3A Smart Home devices dropped by Deconz >= 2.22.00

I have 6 of these ZigBee downlights from ‘3A Smart Home’.

I’m running the Deconz docker image and lights have been running flawlessly for over a year. After updating the Docker image to a more recent version, they started to go wrong: permanently dropping off the network within minutes to hours of joining.

I have rolled the deconz version back and forward incrementally and extensively tested to find that the ‘breakage’ is between versions 2.15.00 (last known version that works perfectly) and 2.21.02 (Broken). (Edit: was forced to revise this and will narrow it down further).

On all versions from 2.21.02 up: at least one of the downlights gets dropped from the network in the first few minutes, with others following until they’re all uncontrollable a few hours later. Cycling mains power to the downlights temporarily recovers them.

I’ve 29 devices on the network in total; the others being a mix of Xiaomi Aqara Sensors, Light Switches, Bulbs and in-wall lighting Relay boxes. These are all working fine on any Deconz version; it’s only these 3A Smart Home downlights that are impacted:

ModelId: LXT56-LS27LX1.7

I notice the DDF is rated as ‘Silver’, while I had my network set to Basic/Gold. Could this be significant?

Any advice appreciated as the ‘downlight debacle’ has reduced the ‘wife acceptance factor’ of the entire Home Automation setup :sweat_smile:

I also have 3 3A Smart Home Downlights which constantly shwowing greyed out in Phoscon app after I did a power cicle to them.

I can still control them over the API but also this seems to stop after some time.