16 E27 Tradfri bulbs in -10C totally jams my network

2.24.2, Conbee I (or Classic :slight_smile: )

I have 8 facade light fixtures with 2xE27 Tradfri bulbs in each of them. (1. Gen E27 bulbs ~5 years now?)
A few days ago my network was totally jammed. No data from sensors. Group control was sporadic, only switching 1-2 light in a larger group. Remotes directly associated with grops did not work.

This all started happening when the outside temperature dropped to -10C.
This has just worked fine in the past.
Turning the mains switch for the facade lights off, immediately restored functionality.

Through the mains switch, I power cycled all lamps 6 times and re-discovered them all.
It seemed to work fine for a while, but after some hours the network started acting up again.

Now, my question is. Could this be one misbehaving bulb and how to find it among the 16?
Any other ideas as to what is causing this?

Yep, could be.

only way to find out is by either using a sniffer and log all network or just trial and error by removing them.