12V Zigbee spot for bathroom

I was looking around for GU5.3 / MR16 Zigbee LED spots for the bathroom and found Benexamrt 4 Pcs MR16 5W Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Smart 12V Led Gloeilamp Rgbcw Spotlight Lamp Werk Met smartthings Alexa Google Thuis|LED Lampen & Buizen| - AliExpress . Anyone have any experiences with the ‘brand’ Benexamrt / Benexmart or any other 12V Zigbee spots like Gledopto, preferably known to be working with deCONZ already?

I wrote a review for this product

I was looking for a while for some reasonable priced Zigbee MR16 bulbs to replace the stock bulbs in my Techmar Arco 60 garden lights. Was not sure if compatible with Combee2 / Home Assistant or even if it fits, but the Technical support suggested to buy 2 to try and return them if not working.
I took a leap of faith and bought all 8 that I need it, and delighted to see them pairing correctly with the Combee 2 in Phoscon and all features are available in Home Assistant.
All colors are nice and vibrant and when on white they are very very bright… Also they remember the state at power off which is great for me as I have them hooked up to a mini solar installation so they are all powered by a 12 V battery with a zigbee 12v relay. When set to 30% brightness and blue, all 8 consumed under 7w and looked great!