Xiaomi Aqara End Devices do not stay connected

Describe the bug

I have 9 Aqara door/window sensors, 4 Aqara vibration sensors, and 1 Aqara multi-sensor. For many months they have been rock-solid and among my most reliable devices. In the past few weeks, they fail to remain connected to the Conbee II network. I have repeatedly deleted, and re-added the sensors in Phoscon and read all clusters, node descriptor, and simple descriptors in the deconz GUI. I have followed the directions at Xiaomi: Lost devices or functional issues multiple times. The sensors will sometimes reconnect for a short time and then disconnect. When they disconnect, the cluster info in the Deconz GUI for the basic cluster is typically blank. I have also tried changing the zigbee channel from 11 to 25, but that did not resolve the issue.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Add Aqara sensors to network using Phoscon and Deconz GUI and wait for them to lose connection to deconz.

Expected behavior

The sensors should stay connected to deconz.



Host system: Synology DS718+
Running method: Marthoc Docker container
Firmware version: 26720700
deCONZ version: 2.12.06 / 8/19/2021
Device: ConBee II
Do you use an USB extension cable: yes
Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? If so: Which? APC UPS

Can you add some logs?

INFO L1/L2 , ERROR L1/L2 and APS L1/L2 would do :slight_smile:

I may have solved it by modifying the docker container to run with high privileges. All of my Xiaomi devices have neighbour links now. I’ll monitor and update this thread after a few days.

Hello, the sensors are dropping out again. I can send some logs but the log file is huge - what is the best way to send/post them?

Pastebin :slight_smile:

Here is a link to some log excerpts. I don’t really know what I am looking for and the entire log is too large for Pastebin (even if I had a paid account), so if there are some specific log entries you would like to see, let me know what keywords I should be looking for. Thanks!

EDIT: I lost the vibration sensor in my office chair within the last half hour. Here’s a link to some more logs

When I went to re-pair all of the sensors this morning, I saw that only some had dropped out and others did not need re-pairing. The ones that had dropped out had lost their neighbour link in deconz gui (see attached screenshot). Some have since reconnected to a router and some have not. I think if they do not get a neighbour link to a router within an hour they will drop out and I’ll have to re-pair them again.

How many sensors and routers do you have?

Device list - 109

Routers - 66

3 Sinope thermostats
58 Tradfri bulbs
3 Tradfri outlets
1 Tradfri signal repeater
1 Hue lightstrip

End Devices - 43

9 Aqara door/window sensors
4 Aqara vibration sensors
1 Aqara multi-sensor
1 Hue 4-button remote
10 Hue indoor motion sensors
1 Tradfri motion sensor
3 Tradfri on/off switches
14 Tradfri five-button remotes

Your assumption on the 1 hour is correct. Xiaomis drop out when their parent is not available for one hour.

That’s something xiaomis do unfortunately

Yes. Some of the Xiaomi sensors directly connect to the Conbee II, whereas some of them connect to a different router (either a Tradfri bulb or a Sinope Thermostat). It doesn’t seem to affect which sensors drop out - even those directly connected to the Conbee drop out even though the Conbee doesn’t become unavailable.

Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening? Or is there anything in the logs that you think will shed light on it? I have had the Aqara sensors for around a year and they have been very reliable up until within the last month. Since then I have updated both the Conbee firmware and deconz to the latest versions. I haven’t made any other changes to my setup.

EDIT: as I was thinking more about the bolded sentence above I realized that this is not true. I added the three Sinopé thermostats within the last month. I have removed them from the network to test whether this makes a difference in reliability of the Aqara end devices.

Asked @manup to reply :slight_smile:

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Hello @Mimiix and @manup, it has been over five hours since I removed my Sinopé thermostats from the network and re-paired the Aqara end devices, and I haven’t had a single Aqara end device dropout. I suppose Aqara end devices do not play nice with Sinopé routers. I see that someone else has also reported this apparent incompatibility, and that incompatibility between Aqara end devices and other manufacturer’s routers (e.g. Tuya) has also been observed. People suggest that the problem arises from Aqara’s implementation of the zigbee standard in its sensors. Is there any possibility of a workaround being implemented in a future version of deconz, or is it a change that either Aqara or Sinopé would have to make to its device firmware?

As Xiaomi doesn’t comply with the zigbee standard here, that’s the root cause. I’m sorry to say that, but you get what you paid for.

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i have got the same problem, but only with one of three Aqara window sensor. They are only paired with my Conbee 1 stick. Is this normal?

Cu kami

IN my experience the older Xiaomi sensors have a problem when their parent device, e.g. a light or the coordinator isn’t powered for a few hours, when it sometimes, but not always, happens they go into some hibernate mode and stop sending.

What I usually do is to press the small button on the sensor 5 times, when they try to reconnect to the parent. This often works, the biggest problem with the old sensors is that they stick to a parent and most of the time won’t automatically search for a new parent, for example in case a light is switched off physically.

The new Xiaomi/Aqara devices appear to not have this issue anymore.

Hi, thank a lot for the answer. I changed the sensor to another aqara and now it works fine. Think it is really a problem with the older versions.

bg kami