Where/how to get Raktak beta to ConBeeII

Hi guys,

Saw that with the RakTak ⋅ v2.15.0 beta you can try Aqara roller shades and immediately wanted to give it it a try, however… cant find a deCONZ_ConBeeII firmware here: Index of /deconz-firmware/beta/

Any advice?

Hello firmware and deconz version is no the same thing.
You can find deconz beta version for exemple here for rapberry Index of /raspbian/beta/

Or you can switch to beta branch and just use

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


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Thanks but that does not work for my setup :slight_smile:

I update the stick via Windows machine, so need the firmware file to flash it.

You don’t need the firmware, as raktak is not firmware.

You need this

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Wow, I thought that integration I’ve been using in home assistant with Deconz is relying on the stick firmware.

Are you saying that the plug-in inside home assistant needs to be patched with beta instead?

The addon? Yes.

In that case you can’t as the ha addon only does stables.

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Huh. Cool thanks! Is there any compatibility list between the add-on and the Conbee stick firmware?

How’d you mean?